System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer.GetXmlSerializerContractFromGeneratedAssembly C# (CSharp) Method

GetXmlSerializerContractFromGeneratedAssembly() static private method

static private GetXmlSerializerContractFromGeneratedAssembly ( ) : XmlSerializerImplementation
return XmlSerializerImplementation
        internal static XmlSerializerImplementation GetXmlSerializerContractFromGeneratedAssembly()
            // hack to pull in SetXmlSerializerContract which is only referenced from the
            // code injected by MainMethodInjector transform
            // there's probably also a way to do this via [DependencyReductionRoot],
            // but I can't get the compiler to find that...
            if (xmlSerializerContract == null)

            // this method body used to be rewritten by an IL transform
            // with the restructuring for multi-file, it has become a regular method
            return xmlSerializerContract;