Mono.CSharp.MemberCore.OnGenerateDocComment C# (CSharp) Метод

OnGenerateDocComment() приватный метод

private OnGenerateDocComment ( Object intermediateNode ) : void
intermediateNode System.Object
Результат void
		internal virtual void OnGenerateDocComment (XmlElement intermediateNode)

Usage Example

Пример #1
        // Generates xml doc comments (if any), and if required,
        // handle warning report.
        internal static void GenerateDocComment(MemberCore mc,
            DeclSpace ds, Report Report)
            if (mc.DocComment != null) {
                string name = mc.GetDocCommentName (ds);

                XmlNode n = GetDocCommentNode (mc, name, Report);

                XmlElement el = n as XmlElement;
                if (el != null) {
                    mc.OnGenerateDocComment (el);

                    // FIXME: it could be done with XmlReader
                    XmlNodeList nl = n.SelectNodes (".//include");
                    if (nl.Count > 0) {
                        // It could result in current node removal, so prepare another list to iterate.
                        var al = new List<XmlNode> (nl.Count);
                        foreach (XmlNode inc in nl)
                            al.Add (inc);
                        foreach (XmlElement inc in al)
                            if (!HandleInclude (mc, inc, Report))
                                inc.ParentNode.RemoveChild (inc);

                    // FIXME: it could be done with XmlReader
                    DeclSpace ds_target = mc as DeclSpace;
                    if (ds_target == null)
                        ds_target = ds;

                    foreach (XmlElement see in n.SelectNodes (".//see"))
                        HandleSee (mc, ds_target, see, Report);
                    foreach (XmlElement seealso in n.SelectNodes (".//seealso"))
                        HandleSeeAlso (mc, ds_target, seealso ,Report);
                    foreach (XmlElement see in n.SelectNodes (".//exception"))
                        HandleException (mc, ds_target, see, Report);

                n.WriteTo (RootContext.Documentation.XmlCommentOutput);
            else if (mc.IsExposedFromAssembly ()) {
                Constructor c = mc as Constructor;
                if (c == null || !c.IsDefault ())
                    Report.Warning (1591, 4, mc.Location,
                        "Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member `{0}'", mc.GetSignatureForError ());
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